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Highlights from an Alumni Event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

A cohort of 49 Mongolian alumni of AE E-Teacher courses from all 21 provinces met in Ulaanbaatar in April 2019 for a follow-on training to further improve their skills as teacher trainers, organized by the Regional English Language Officer in Beijing, Dawn Rogier. FHI 360 trainer Joyce Catsimpiris, with the help of English Language Coordinator Altantsetseg Tumenkhishig, as well as English Language Fellows Shushan Richardson, Scott Poteet, Jodi Çiçek, and Heidi Healy, delivered a three-day training that expanded on topics covered in the AE E-Teacher Professional Development for Teacher Trainers course, developed by Arizona State University.

Participants learned about how to cascade knowledge they gained from their courses to their colleagues throughout the country, how to foster teacher motivation, how to design and use needs analyses, and how to find additional free American English resources such as AE E-Teacher MOOCs, Facebook Live events, and open educational resources on the American English website. Participants also prepared teacher training sessions, which they delivered to their colleagues. This cohort of trainers will continue to meet and support each other as they spread their learning to fellow teachers at their home institutions and beyond.

Please click here to view a video of the event.

Highlights from a presentation on the Educational Technology MOOC

In April 2019 MOOC participant Professor Mohamed Jaafari gave a presentation titled "Online Education/ICTs in Teaching Languages" that focused on the Educational Technology MOOC.


Highlights from a Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) MOOC Camp in Côte d’Ivoire

In Côte d’Ivoire, seven participants completed the TEYL MOOC

Highlights from the Fostering Student Motivation and Engagement course (FSME)

On April 29, 2019, a group of 25 English teaching professionals from Jordan and Turkey completed the tailor-made “Fostering Student Motivation and Engagement” online course developed by the University of Oregon and a team of six experts from Jordan and Turkey.  The theme of the professional development course - identifying and addressing student motivation - was determined during initial research on major roadblocks to foreign language learning.

The Regional English Language Offices in Amman and Ankara chose six professionals to work closely with the University of Oregon both during the development and implementation phase.  Shepherded by Specialist Leslie Opp-Beckman, the team vetted content and activities for the course, and later served as course mentors.  As such, they are now uniquely positioned to help the 25 participants implement new practices in their classrooms in the follow-on phase to the course. Explained the TESOL Turkey president, Bahar Gun, one of the six experts, “I was not a strong believer in online professional development before getting involved in this course.  Now I know what goes into building a course and believe this one is exactly what hundreds of instructors in Turkey need.” 

Highlights from the Content-based Instruction MOOC Camp in Karachi, Pakistan


Highlights from Content-based Instruction MOOC Camps in the Philippines

Over 1,000 MOOCers from Metro Manila and other Philippine provinces participated in a MOOC Camp and completed the Content-based Instruction MOOC.

These MOOC Camps were facilitated by over 50 MOOC Camp Leaders from over 30 areas or cities.

MOOC Camp participants in Makati, Philippines

MOOC Camp participants in Santa Cruz Laguna, the Philippines participating in a community outreach activity

MOOC Camp Participants in Laguna Philippines after conducting tutorial lessons that apply the concepts they learned during the CBI MOOC


MOOC Camp participants in Masbate, the Philippines working with children

MOOC Camp participants in Tuguegarao City, Philippines during their final meet-up

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