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The American English E-Teacher program offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in addition to its Global Online Courses (GOCs). These are free 5-week online courses designed for non-native English language teachers and open to an unlimited number of participants. The program offers both facilitated and self-directed MOOCs.


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Professional Development for Teacher Trainers: October 15 - November 19, 2018

Orientation Module opens October 8

About this course:

The Professional Development for Teacher Trainers MOOC is provided by Arizona State University, as part of the American English (AE) E-Teacher Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by FHI 360.

This MOOC, designed for both new and experienced teachers, gives participants methods for creating, presenting, and evaluating effective teacher training workshops. You will gain tools and techniques for promoting professional development in your teaching context. Through participation in this course, you will develop your skills for delivering engaging and relevant teacher trainings.

Participants who earn 70% or higher will receive a digital badge as a mark of completion.

Pre-course orientation module:

An orientation module opens 1 week before the start of the course, on October 8, 2018. This short guide will help you get the most out of the online learning environment by providing an introduction to the AE E-Teacher program, MOOCs, using the Canvas Network learning management system, online learning success strategies, and how to find support during the course. We strongly encourage participants to complete this module before beginning the course.

Accessing the course:

This course will be offered between October 15, 2018 and November 19, 2018

Course materials:

All created content you will see in this course is licensed CC BY 4.0. This means that anything you see that is marked CC BY 4.0 can be reused, revised, remixed, and redistributed by you in your school or community.

MOOC camps:

If you would like to facilitate a MOOC camp for other participants in your area, please e-mail to identify your project and request course materials. Please also refer to our MOOC Camp Facilitator Guidelines for help getting started.


Have questions? Please e-mail

Dates to Remember:

September 10, 2018: Registration opens

October 8, 2018: Orientation module opens

October 15, 2018: Course begins

October 22, 2018: Registration closes. No new participants may enroll after this date.

November 19, 2018: Course closes. All coursework must be completed by this date.


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