About the AE E-Teacher Program

What is the AE E-Teacher Program?

The AE E-Teacher Program 

  • Promotes mutual exchange of culture and ideas via professional development programs for non-native English speaking teachers (NNESTs) around the world; 
  • Provides free access to teaching and training materials, which can be reused, adapted and shared with other teachers and learners.

What Does the AE E-Teacher Program Offer?

Information for Nominees

Please click here to view a webinar for nominees of the AE E-Teacher Program. This presentation covers how to register for the program after being nominated, an introduction to the Orientation Course, and advice for succeeding in your professional development course.

Program Policies

If you are a participant in the AE E-Teacher Program, or considering becoming one, please review the program policies below:

Grades and Certification

Participants who complete their courses with a grade of 70% or higher are eligible for a certificate to recognize their achievement.

Drop Policy

Nominees who register for a course but decide not to enroll in the course must notify FHI 360 (ae-eteachersupport@fhi360.org) and the U.S. Embassy as soon as possible so that alternates may be identified.  The deadline to drop a course is two weeks before the course start date; any request to drop the course following this date will be processed as a withdrawal.

Communicating with the Program

It is your responsibility to communicate with your instructor and the AE E-Teacher Program about questions or issues that prevent you from participating in the course.  

  • If you have questions about completing assignments, you must contact your instructor through Canvas.
  • If you have technical issues with the course, submit your question using the form below.
  • If you cannot participate in the course due to extenuating circumstances such as a health problem, heavy workload, or any other reason you must contact ae-eteachersupport@fhi360.org, AND your instructor, AND your U.S. Embassy nominating point-of-contact as soon as the situation occurs.  Do not wait until after the situation is over.

Inactive Participants Forced Audit Policy

Participants who have been inactive as of the end of the fourth week of the course and who have not communicated with the program will be placed in “Audit” status. In “Audit” status, you can still interact with the course, but you will not receive instructor support or feedback, and you will not be eligible for a certificate.

Withdrawal Policy

Registered participants who feel they cannot complete a course for any reason, at any time, must notify FHI 360 (ae-eteachersupport@fhi360.org) and the U.S. Embassy as soon as possible.  Participants must provide detailed information explaining why they cannot complete the course.  Withdrawal requests will be considered on a case by case basis, and participants will be approved eligible for participation in future courses if extenuating circumstances exist.  

Participants whose withdrawal requests do not meet the criteria of extenuating circumstances will be processed as ineligible withdrawals.  Participants with ineligible withdrawals may not be eligible to participate in the program in the future.  Future eligibility is determined by the nominating U.S. Embassy.  Ineligible withdrawals will not be processed after the end of the fourth week of the course.

Plagiarism Policy

AE E-Teacher instructors are required to report plagiarism to the program.

First Report:  FHI 360 will contact the participant with resources about plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Second Report:  FHI 360 will notify the nominating U.S. Embassy about the incident.  FHI 360 will contact the participant with a warning that they will automatically be withdrawn from the course if they are reported a third time.

Third Report:  The participant will be removed from the course and assigned an ineligible withdrawal.  The participant may not be eligible to participate in the program in the future.