AE E-Teacher MOOCs

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I'm eager to participate in these up coming MOOCs.

I'm eager to participate in these upcoming MOOCs.

You take AE Teacher MOCs too serious. Long videos, Tiring activites... I feel like I were in the university again... You should care of human nature. You should not hire academicians for those course... Knowing someting better doesn't necessarily mean of being a better teacher...You can publish those courses on  .You can make cooperation with Arizone State University. I like them.

CBI is a good simplified teaching method, which takes into account the students needs by using authentic materiels, and appropriate context both for teachers and students

Looking forward to this new course this February 2019.Thank you.

This CBI MOOC is a great oportunity for educators and teachers including educational managers who get thing supervise or directly teach directly in classroom..Anyone who share CBI previous experience and best practices or expectations from this for better outcomes from this course...

CBI MOOC is an excellent opportunity for teachers to have best possible ways to teach ... through understanding content based English language delivery ...  at Pakistan here is an intense need for such program that will surely benefit teachers and educators ...If other facilitators share best strategies about MOOC camp that will an additional appriciation in the journey of learning for better student learning ....RegardsNiaz Nazeer

Eager to learn more about CBI!