The Art of Everyday Classroom Assessment of English Language Learners (Assessment of ELLs)

This course is delivered by Dr. Leslie Opp-Beckman

Course Description

This is a practical online course for busy educators or “participants” who want to improve their teaching practices. It is for non-native English speaking teachers who are in the American English (AE) E-Teacher Program.

The course is 5 weeks long. All activities are asynchronous (you can do them any time before the due date), and are open to participants any time anywhere through the Canvas learning management system. Course materials are also available as a downloadable packet each week for participants who want to work offline part of the time.

All course materials are free, open educational resources (OERs) from high quality sources such as American English ( Participants can use the materials in any way they like in their local schools, universities, and training centers.

Learning Objectives and Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course, each participant will be able to:

  • Explain the main types of assessment in use for language teaching and learning.
  • Match different kinds of assessments to the teaching of language skills.
  • Find and explain about an assessment need for a group of students.
  • Choose one or more new assessment techniques to meet that need for their students.
  • Explain the results of the new technique(s).